Uber Artist James

A special thanks to fellow artist and photographer James Church.
James worked with us at many weddings during 2005. His artistic eye and contribution was inspiring and invaluable.

minneapolis wedding

More photos of James in action here.

James is one of those unique people that transitions between mediums with grace and style. He is a photographer, he creates beautiful multimedia presentations, and if that weren’t amazing enough he is an accomplished, very talented bronze sculptor. Check out his work at www.studiochurch.com. Thank you James for your talent and all your hard work.

Marc + Leda

Happy Holidays! + Happy New Year!

Thanks to all the wonderful couples who shared their weddings with us this year! We have been so blessed to be able to work with such great people.

minneapolis wedding

Social Photography Program!

:::Social Photography Program launch:::

Studio 306 is sponsoring a social photography program that will allow qualified non profit and charitable organizations to make use of our services to document, promote, and further the cause championed by their charity.

Our goal: to use photography as a means of change, and an inspiration of hope.

Need photography now? Fill out a quick form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please contact us to determine eligibility.