Kathy McGee @ Hemma Design

Do you know Kathy? She’s a freelance designer and does product development for apparel, home, textiles, accessories, print and pattern, and stationery. She runs Hemma Design, a contemporary sewing pattern and licensed fabric company. Kathy also wrote a book! “The Happy Bicycle, Make 15 Stylish Bike Accessories with Hemma Design”.

Check out her work at Hemma Design or in her Etsy Shop.

Time for a ride!

Taryn + Charlie + Easton + Roxy

Taryn, Charlie, and Roxy are back with a new member of the family. Welcome Easton!

Happy Family

Wonderful to see Nate and Katie and their family again! We photographed their wedding in 2006! Nate and Katie are the duo at the fantastic Eight Hour Day.

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