Brent + Annette

Annette left a hint in Brent’s pocket for an upcoming suprise later in the day!

How many dads does it take to tie a tie? :)

Brent + Annette had a completely awesome day at the Round Barn Farm in Redwing.

The award winning Amy’s from mimi design were at their best.
With a little coaxing they even came to play at the portrait station.

The amazing Flora Bella provided perfect flowers for the wedding. Love the frog!

Brent’s suprise!
Brent is into gaming big time and Annette secretly had Gateaux create this crazy cool Mario Brothers cake. Annette went as far to order to order the Princess Peach topper from Japan!

Speaking of Gateaux… I know we gush about them from time to time but come on… They have no competition! Their process and creation is simply so far above anyone else that they’ve changed the game.

***CLICK HERE*** and ***HERE*** for more photos of their artful cakes

The interior of the Round Barn.