And the Award for Best use of Liquid Nitrogen at a Wedding goes to….

David + Abby!

While most couples are content to simply greet their guests during their cocktail hour with hugs, kisses, and handshakes, David and Abby were busy serving up instant icecream on a 100 degree day by pouring liquid nitrogen over milk, cream and sugar in front of the James J. Hill Library.
How cool is that?!? Super awesome wicked cool….

The St. Paul Cathedral.

Abby poking fun at bridal fashion.

We were lucky to come across another amazing cake from Gateaux.

Fun in the stacks at the James J. Hill Library.

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Katie + Chris

Katie + Chris had a perfect day at the Minikahda Club around Lake Calhoun.

The view above the lake.

The beautiful bride.

Usher #2 at your service…

Sleeping beauty.

A moment alone after the ceremony.

Another crazy cool cake from the fantabulous Gateaux.

Special thanks to:

Joan from Ambiente for her flawless planning and help during the day.

Linen Effects for the beautful decor.

Video and awesome 8mm film coverage from Dave at Weiss Productions

Arts and Flowers.

Alix + Yitzchok

Yitzchok preparing for the day.

Alix looking radiant.

BEDEKEN – Veiling of the Bride
Before the Chupah ceremony, Yitchok, escorted by his father and (about to become) brother-in-law, and accompanied by relatives and friends, goes forward to veil the bride.

Before the Chupah all knots on the groom’s garments are untied. All jewlery is removed.
This symbolizes that at the moment of marriage all other bonds are eliminated, except this intimate one made between the bride and groom.

Yichud time – the first moments that the bride and groom are alone together.

Yitchok’s Father and 2 of his 9 sons! Wow!!
Mazel Tov!